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Welcome to Air Conditioning Red Deer. The air-conditioner is common to many homes and businesses. The air-conditioner unit brings the air inside the building. It brings great comfort to the families and employees especially during the peak of summer. When the sun is up, and the air is hot, you can lean on the air-conditioner to bring the desired temperature to give you coziness.

But what happens if it malfunctions? Is it the end of the surge of cold air in the comfort of your home or office? Don’t fear as our air-conditioning services will be the definite answer to those problems. We can even improve the state of your air-conditioner that will result in its better and optimum performance.

With our air-conditioning services, your life will get better, comfier and you will be saying hello to better days. If you ever experience trouble with your air-conditioner, don’t think twice and choose the best air-conditioning services.


About Us

Our air conditioning Red Deer based company is the best in the business when it comes to air-conditioning services. Our services have been proven and tested, as several customers are satisfied with the results. Top of the line services is always given to the customer as we strive for greater customer satisfaction.

We are one of the most  trusted in the industry because our team delivers professional, fast, and efficient services. With these kinds of services, no wonder, our customers trust and recommend us.

In times of trouble with your air-conditioning, our HVAC company is always 24/7 to the rescue with these kinds of services: repair, maintenance, installation, replacement, and refrigeration.


The essentiality of the air-conditioner in every home and office  is understandable and undeniable. Understand that there will always be problems that will come your way, but we are here to help you overcome those problems. With the quality services in our repertoire, you will never experience the same problems again.

Stated below are the different services that our company offers and performs:



Your air-conditioner will be experiencing a few malfunctions, wear and tear or even damages in the long run. These damages can even elevate into something worst. Therefore, our repair service is the perfect and best fit for your air-conditioner.

Our team is trained and certified to perform repairs to your air-conditioner. Every detail of your air-conditioner will be evaluated and repaired. We will make sure that your air-conditioner returns to its condition.

Are you worried that your air-conditioner is a different model? Well, don’t be our services applies to all AC makes and models. There is no problem that our repair service can’t solve, and we always leave our customer smiling.



We also offer maintenance services for you AC unit so it can always be in its optimal state. We will do everything needed for your air conditioner to be maintained and properly functioning. It will be -inspected, checked, and cleaned from the inside and outside. Every dirt, dust, or debris will be all removed.

For best performance and maintenance, every aspect of your HVAC system will be checked by the team. Inside and outside, we ensure you that your air-con will be operating at its finest. And that makes our maintenance service a perfect fit for you!



Are you needing a new unit? Then let the professionals do the work. We will be taking the lead from here as our company also offers installation services. You will be sparing no effort as our team is trained to handle the installation of your lovely new air conditioning unit.

Don’t worry as our team carries out work efficiently and carefully to avoid damages to your new air-conditioner. We will make sure that your air-con is placed tightly and in its positioned correctly for you to fully enjoy the flow of cool air.



There can be a sad ending for all ac units when it is beyond repair. However, we know the solution, so chin up and smile as our company also performs replacement services. The glory days of your old a/c, and it’s time for a new and more efficent machine to take its place.

With that, our company offers the best replacement services in the area. You will not shed a sweat nor a tear as our team will be handling everything, and all you have to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the cold breeze of your new air-conditioner .

Our Red Deer  based team  will make sure that you will be experiencing the bliss of a house filled with the chilly and gentle wind of the air-conditioner.



We offer  residential services for all makes and models in Red Deer and all surrounding communities in Central Alberta including Penhold, Innisafail, Bowden, Olds, Sylvan lake, Eckville, Rocky Moutain House, Blackfalds, Lacombe & Ponoka.



We also offer commercial services for all sizes of commercial businesses. Whether it be an apartment building, strip mall or office building we take care of it all. Benefit from our experience and see how we can keep your business running cool for both your staff and csutomers in the hot months.



Is your AC starting to lose its cool winds? This is where our company will be stepping up and bring back those chilly days again. With our refrigeration services, you will be experiencing cool winds with a blink of your eye.

Our amazing team will be assessing your air-con and will be performing necessary actions for it to return to its function as chilling the indoor air. With our expertise, we make sure that you get the service that you deserve, and you will be enjoying the chilly and comforting breeze of your unit again.


Our mission is to give professional and effective services to our clients – A household that has a fully-functional air-conditioner to bring them comfort and happiness. What matters to us it the satisfaction that every client obtains from our wonderful services and through that to creating unbreakable bond and trust with them.

We strive for greatness and a further improvement in our services. These improvements will be resulting in the future. Offering only top and quality services to be the best in industry.

The Team

Our team is simply the best and are composed of highly-trained professionals that are always ready to render great and efficient services to our clients. Not only that, but our team is also knowledgeable and able to think critically when given the task at hand.

They are also trained to give great customer service with a bang and a smile. Our team will never fail in delivering your needed services with you. We are open to criticisms and always open for improvement.

With this great air conditioning RedDeer  team and quality services, you will never look at another company again. Contact us now!

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